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Happy Halloween!

Posted by Laurie on October 29th, 2010
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So today, as I was standing in the front yard giving my neighbors an incredible view of my mismatched jammies and bed-head hairdo, I realized I was the only one on the street without a pumpkin. Not even one. All the rest of the neighbors have a billion of them piled on their porches. Crap. [...]

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Hello, My Name is Laurie and I’m Addicted to Facebook

Posted by Laurie on July 7th, 2009
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Dear Friends and Family,
I’m sorry to tell you that the intervention you staged a few months ago isn’t working. Yes, it’s true; I am still addicted to Facebook.
Oh, I know I told you that I only stayed on Facebook to catch up with old friends and keep in contact with new ones. I know I [...]

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