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The Mom Olympics

Posted by Laurie on February 10th, 2010
filed in motherhood, parenting

I’ve dreamt of Olympic glory since I was a kid. In my dreams, I stand on the podium, accept my gold medal proudly and place my hand over my heart while the national anthem plays. Now, in my dream I never actually perform any athletic feats of brilliance to earn the medal. This is probably [...]

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When did January Become Swimsuit Season?

Posted by Laurie on February 3rd, 2010
filed in motherhood

Something happens in January that I hate with a passion. Oh, it’s not the whole “new year, new calendar” thing. Although, if you must know, I did forget to get a calendar until two weeks ago. Do you know what was left in the calendar section? Yes, “12 Months of Cats” or—and I’m not joking [...]

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