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It’s an Actress! It’s a Model! No, it’s Supermum!

Posted by Laurie on December 6th, 2011
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Guest posting today is Beth Ritchie from the blog Write or Wrong I’m Doing it Anyway. Her blog is about her misadventures as mum to 2 (arguably ferral) boys, 2 highly expensive cats (they cost her a holiday), and life as partner, lover and best friend to “the man”. Trying to work out [...]

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Flashback Friday: Before No-no Lulu, Kirby ruled

Posted by Laurie on December 2nd, 2011
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This Flashback Friday is from a few years ago, when Kirby was the only dog on Santa’s naughty list. Now, of course, we have added No-no Lulu, so Kirby looks like a freaking angel in comparison – MM
Because I am completely insane, I went and did something stupid. I allowed Junior to get a dog. [...]

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