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I’m back…and Disneyland hates me

Posted by Laurie on March 25th, 2012
filed in motherhood, parenting

Recently, I lost my superpowers. And by “superpowers,” I mean the ability to walk upright without falling on my face and causing great bodily harm. Oh, I know that others may think of superpowers as things like x-ray vision or shooting spider webs out of your hands, but really I’m kind of a simple person. [...]

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I’m losing my mind

Posted by Laurie on March 16th, 2012
filed in motherhood, parenting

Since typing with my left hand is really no fun, not to mention difficult, I’m running with repeats. Most of you have never seen them because they are columns from my 11 years (so far) as a newspaper columnist. So enjoy the blasts from the past and I’ll be back with the really exciting [...]

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Offline for a bit

Posted by Laurie on March 1st, 2012
filed in Weird things I do

Quick! What is the worst thing that can happen to a blogger? What? You don’t know? Well, for me it’s been…breaking my right arm. Yes, broke my typing arm. Gonna have a little surgery today and back complaining to all of you soon

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