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DIY Friday – What the heck was I thinking?

Posted by Laurie on February 7th, 2014
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So somewhere around the new year, I got a wild hair up my…um, you know…to do some DIY. Now here’s the thing. I am not Martha Stewart. But at one point in time, I considered myself crafty. Heck I even owned craft paint. In more than one color. And I had a glue gun.
See? I [...]

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Welcome to the Annual Cleaning of the Car

Posted by Laurie on February 3rd, 2014
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Welcome to 2014. To celebrate the New Year, I decided to do my annual Cleaning of the Car. OK, it’s not really annual, because it’s happened once in 8 years. So it’s like octo-annual. Yeah. So, you know, it wasn’t always like this. I once drove a nice car. It wasn’t mommy-like at all. I [...]

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