Stuck on a tarmac or how I went to hell on vacation

Posted on July 13th, 2012

You know how you read the stories in the paper of poor, tortured souls who board a plane for a 1 hour flight and 6 hours later they are still sitting on the tarmac in a plane full of people who have not eaten anything but a piece of wood disguised as a granola bar and whose deodorant has failed thanks to the hot, Texas sun and the lack of A/C in the sweltering plane? And you know how you always think,

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2 Responses to “Stuck on a tarmac or how I went to hell on vacation”

  1. OneMommy Says:

    What an awful start of a trip!
    Bless the soul of the guy who told loud lady to be quiet. Somebody sure needed to do it.

  2. ChaCHA online Says:

    Ewww. I hope you had a cocktail– or ten– to take the edge off. I hope they were all complimentary.

    Awful trip, but a great story!

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