Even my dogs won’t eat my cooking

Posted on September 18th, 2012

If you read the blog yesterday, you know that I cheerily said something about my floor always being clean, thanks to my dogs.

Yeah. Apparently that was a lie.

Because, you see, I dropped some leftover mac and cheese on the floor today.

And I called over this dog:

Kirby, not looking hungry

And this dog:

No-no Lulu, not looking hungry either

I figured they could clean it up (hey, don’t judge, I wasn’t planning to mop today). And do you know what those two dogs did? They took a couple sniffs, looked at me like I was nuts and went into the front room to resume their incessant barking at the garbage truck that was picking up the cans outside.

I’m actually slightly offended by this. I mean, this is the dinner I had my family eat last night. And the leftovers I am eating today for lunch.  Not to mention, they have the nerve to turn down my homemade food? Really? One of them eats her own poop! (Yes, No-No Lulu, I just told on your sad, sordid, secret life.) And the other one tries desperately to eat every piece of turkey poop she comes across when we walk (ahem, Kirby, that would be you).

So basically, my cooking is worse than eating poop. Sigh.

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3 Responses to “Even my dogs won’t eat my cooking”

  1. et Says:

    Hey! you’re lucky! at least they sniffed it!….mine bless her departed soul, used to just by looking know whether or not she would eat it, if not, then she would push it ALL OVER the kitchen floor , dining room floor, hallway, and patio…same with her own doggie food….$$$ bits she would eat, then the rest she dumps and scatter to attract critters that she then kills and leaves all over the yard…kinda like the shoe problem…hmmm…come to think of it she too had the poop problem..lol

  2. Laurie Says:

    Hi @et! LOL. I am so glad I don’t have the critter issue :)

  3. Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life Says:

    LOL, ur funny.

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