Teen Room? Hazardous Waste Site? Both?

Posted on June 23rd, 2010

If you have a teenager, you know love. Seriously, as the mom of a teen, I love the smart mouth, the stink, and the fact that he

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17 Responses to “Teen Room? Hazardous Waste Site? Both?”

  1. CaffeinatedBliss Says:

    You’ve been tagged! http://caffeinated-bliss.blogspot.com/2010/07/taking-time-out-to-tag.html

  2. Everyday Adventuress Says:

    I love it! Mine aren’t teenagers yet, but I already feel like they produce hazardous waste. The days of my squeaky clean house are long, long gone. :)

  3. Pharmacy technician jobs in California Says:

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  4. Struggler Says:

    Ooh, sounds scary.
    Now I come to think of it, it was sometime during his teenage years that a sibling of mine earned the nickname ‘Smelly Brother’. :)

  5. Jenn Says:

    At first I thought to myself these posts are the funniest things ever..but then I realized it is my life! I am mom of 6 ranging from 20-4 months..I currently have 2 teenagers and a tween, a two year old ( who cleans her room better than the teens) and then the baby. Oldest moved out to make his own cave in his new apartment. Thanks for making me laugh!

  6. Mother of HER Says:

    My daughter’s room looks like a few natural disasters came through and spawned a few more. *sigh*

    The only way I can get her to halfway clean it is by waking her up early Sunday morning and threatening no church, unless…

    I know it sounds bad but it always works. *chuckle*

  7. Vivian Says:

    How old is Junior?

  8. Survivor of teens Says:

    Hilarious! I am also the mother of teenage boys and can completely relate to your misery. However, I have actually heard the crickets chirping in different rooms of our house. Hope yours made it to the lizard cage. Love your humor.

  9. Joseph's Mom Says:

    I think we have the same child!

  10. Karrin Says:

    Oh you only have 1? You are so lucky!! *lol* I have 2 – almost 24 and just turned 17, step kids so least I can say they didn’t get it from me! *lol*. I don’t go in their rooms, if they leave their door open I close it as I don’t want anything escaping and eating my pets! Thank you for the laugh and to know that I am NOT alone in the biohazard zone!!

  11. Silke Says:

    I have tears from laughing. How did you know my children?? LOL I read the one about waking up a teenager and cracked up over that one. I have a boy (21) and a girl (13) and everything you’ve said applies to both of them. (He’s out of the house already, though.)
    Keep up the great work, this is too funny.
    Greetings from Germany!

  12. Laurie Says:

    Hi everyone–thanks for the comments! Yes, I only have one. Thank goodness. My head would have exploded early on, since Junior (he’s 14 BTW) is one of those kids the teachers always tactfully call “energetic.” Yeah. Always awesome to hear that.

  13. Karrin Says:

    14? Oh gods woman, you still have the ‘fun’ years ahead – heh..heheheheheh..oh sorry the manical laughter in my head came out aloud, didn’t it? ; )

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  17. Haywood Dyba Says:

    What an interesting idea – I’m going to to talk to my children this week and see what he thinks.

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