I’m thinking of food…

Posted on September 25th, 2012

I’ve started reading cooking blogs and I’m kind of becoming obsessed about them. I even downloaded “Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume I.” Granted, I just wanted to learn how to make an omelette, but still. I downloaded a Julia Child book. The horror of this cannot be overstated. Cooking for me is simply a way to get the fire department to our home. I once told my son he would know when the chicken was ready because the smoke detector would go off. And I was serious.

But I am thinking of cooking.

It’s not my fault. Everything on a cooking blog looks yummy. I love reading about cakes and cookies and what everyone ate for dinner last night (conversely, I hate Twitter because I feel like all I read is what everyone ate for dinner last night, so go figure). Anyway, the pictures are wonderful. And all the care that goes into those dinners. I mean, it’s not like picking up Taco Bell takes a lot of thought. Or good china for that matter. Or even utensils at all, now that I think about it – and when I say utensils, I’m not talking about a spork.

But after reading a cooking blog I get that urge to light up the stove and boil the hell out of something. But then I remember that while many people have pictures of super yummy dinners on their blog, I have this picture on my blog:

Yes, these are potatoes. And a prime reason why I shouldn't cook.

And this one:

If you recall, this is food my dogs won't even eat.

Yeah, probably I should stop reading and start doing something I’m really good at…like watching Real Housewives reruns.

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3 Responses to “I’m thinking of food…”

  1. Gina Says:

    Try some basic recipes. Crock pot meals. The local Community centers, Jr Colleges, and some craft stores (like Michael’s) have cooking courses. I have done a couple of those. I can send you some really easy recipes that will make you look like a kitchen queen, that slaved all day on a meal. Oh, and there are times when my dog (who eats EVERYTHING) won;t touch what I drop or put down for him. Usually it’s because he wants something else akin to a child refusing to eat anything besides mac n cheese and pizza bagels.

  2. Angela Weight Says:

    It’s Angela, from sanitywaitingtohappen.blogspot.com! I found your blog again! You were the first mom blog I ever read….a few years ago. I ran across you again on Networked Blogs a few minutes ago and you’re still just as funny and honest as I remember. Thanks for the laugh. I can relate to your cooking woes.

  3. Laurie Says:

    Hi Angela! Oh, I hadn’t seen this comment because my doo hickey that notifies me isn’t working! Thanks much for coming back :)

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