Election Day, Facebook and me

Posted on November 2nd, 2012

Is it just me or has the lead up to this election lasted 500 years? No? OK, fine. Maybe it just seems like it

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One Response to “Election Day, Facebook and me”

  1. Gina Says:

    Great Uncle Felix!! Yes, I too am sick of PoliBook. I will admit that I posted a few or commented on a few posts.And made fun of the person who has no idea of how many States we actually have in the USA. Even with the territories, we still do not have 57, and cannot visit 57 out of 60. It is actually illegal to ask another person who they voted for 24 hrs after elections. And then said person has the right to tell you to bugger off, and mind your own business. THough most of my posts were military,elderly,veteran right related. I may like certain pages, but I keep those likes private. I did say I wanted to move back to Ireland or Canada. I am not a fan of cold and wet weather- so I doubt if I move. I have all the friends you mentioned as well. Pictures I like to see are the girls night out, crazy pets and cute kids. That is what is important. At least we should be PoliBook free soon and stay that way until 2015. What is done is done, we will all have to deal with it. Now we can get back to rants, raves and strange posts about kids, jobs, life and family. And the occasional steal from Pintrest of aspiring artist, wondermom creations,and then post pics of our total fails.I want to return to playing my games and wondering what the next epic security breach or idiotic change FB will come up with next! That is the Facebook I stand for.
    —I am Gina Smith and I approve this message for the right to return to Facebook instead of Polibook. No tax dollars were used to promote this, and it is not a paid advertisment.
    sorry had to add the disclaimer. We have heard it so much that it is embedded in my dreams.

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