How Much can a Teenage Boy Eat?

Posted on August 27th, 2010

Now that Junior is a teenager I have discovered that teen boys do one thing really, really well.

They can make food disappear in seconds.

Oh, sure, Junior and his friends have always been healthy eaters. But now that Junior is in high school, the amount of food consumed in our home is staggering. Sadly, it

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29 Responses to “How Much can a Teenage Boy Eat?”

  1. Alexandria the Healthy Foods Girl Says:

    Sweet, that’s just what I was shooting for! This article just spared me alot of looking around

  2. scholarships for hispanics Says:

    I never comment on blogs, but this one is awesome! Thanks.

  3. Kendall Says:

    I too, never read or comment on blogs but I have to say, I am laughing out loud!! I too have two sons and a husband (who is really a kid at heart) and I can relate to everything you write! I love your articles, they are hillarious! Keep them coming! Im loving the part about every boy in the neighborhood showing up after Costco – that is so true! What is that??

  4. akspick Says:

    i know exactly what you mean. I had my friend clint over for dinner one day. My mom came home with the raw ingredients, when she went to make dinner everything including the tomato sauce was gone.

  5. Jessica Stiles Says:

    This is a riot! Only thing worse than one teenage boy and his gaggle of friends, it having two…. and their alternating raids on the pantry that prevent me from even having carrots because they all have different tastes. My poor 9 year old daughter has taken to hiding the food in the dishwasher because that is the ONE place they never look, that would imply they were going to WORK by putting something in or UNLOAD the thing!

  6. Lindsay Says:

    In highschool a guy friend of mine had a brother. I would visit their house after grocery day and his mom had just bought one of those huge bags of oranges and another huge bag of apples. They bought 2-3 gallons of milk and they have 2 gallons of water in their fridge. I asked her why she bought so much, and she told me they go through it like I might go through a serving size of chips. I didn’t believe her… until I visited a week later and my friend asked, “Mom, where are all the oranges?” I was rather shocked… they had no more fruit at all and maybe half a gallon of milk left! Also, my boyfriend’s younger brother visited him recently and drank all of my apple juice! I had a gallon of it… and in the course of a day it was all gone! I hadn’t had one drop. Males scare me with how much they can eat! A friend of mine just had a baby boy and I warned her he will eat her out of house and home as a teen… she didn’t believe me.

    So I just found your blog about waking up a teenage boy on yahoo home page. It was funny, so I decided to check the whole thing out. Your blog is very awesome.

  7. Mary Ducker Says:

    I have two teen-age and one tween-age boy, and I get exactly where you are coming from, down to the COSTCO runs and the garage fridge, which, yes we do have one of those, as well as a full freezer. Why? Because they eat. I once watched my oldest eat half of a meatloaf, plus a small mountain of potatoes au gratin plus green beans by himself!!! I grew up eating left-overs two or three times a week because my parents had two girls. Now, said left-overs are a SEVERELY endangered species, since everyone wants seconds or thirds of whatever is on the dinner table!!! And during the summertime it’s even worse. They are home all day, and thanks to the pool we have, it gives us all LOTS of HEALTHY excersise1 Which makes the boys even hungrier!!! I feel like I’m watching them get ready for winter, with the amount they eat!!! And when they were doing sports, it was not uncommon for them to eat two full dinners!!! Seriously, I feel like I’m feeding a band of hobbits!!!

  8. Jenifer Says:

    I loved this article. I have a one year old son who can go through a whole gallon of milk in 4 days…BY HIMSELF!!! LOL. I do not know what he is going to be like when he becomes a teenager. Scary thought!

  9. Nora Says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only mother that has a second fridge in the garage with missing milk! I also only had sisters and was shocked to realize how much food my teenage son can consume and how quickly the milk can go. Love your blogs :-)

  10. Erin Says:

    I have a teenage girl who eats like this and is thin as a rail. I often wonder if maybe she has a tape worm! Thanks!

  11. Laurie Says:

    Thank yo so much for all the comments! It’s good to know I don’t roam the aisles of Costco alone. I just wish I knew where they put it all.

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  19. Neon Signs Says:

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  20. Jane Says:

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  21. Cara Says:

    Thank you!! After my husband got FURIOUS at my 15 yo because i’d made 2 dozen min-muffins at dinner time and when I came back from walking the dog after dinner, there was 1 left . .. i looked up ‘how to feed your teen boy’ and mostly found ‘buy in bulk’, ’shop sales’, ‘cook a lot of pasta’. Hmm. Not really helpful.

    But this? This helps! It makes me feel much less alone . . . now, my boy also puts on weight as he is on meds which . . .well, my sister put on 80 lb taking similar meds. So its hard not to protest. But wow . . . i generally say he eats a box of cereal every day. His step-father is REALLY not happy about it. He yells at him for eating too fast at dinner, too.

  22. Laurie Says:

    Oh my goodness. I can’t imagine a teenager eating even more because of meds. I won’t ever complain again.

    I’m glad you found me cuz one thing I do know…there is strength in numbers so we will survive the teenagers!

  23. Vinny Says:

    I am a teen and i enjoy many fatty foods.Im 311 lbs and im on a diet. How do i resist these foods?

  24. Laurie Says:

    Hi Vinny, I don’t know. I’m not an expert on diets or anything. And since you are reaching out, please, please contact your school guidance counselor who can hook you up with someone nearby who can help you overcome this. Laurie

  25. Debra Says:

    I have a two year old boy and a very picky 8 year old girl. In September we took in a 15 year old Chinese exchange student. In exasperation I started looking up how much can a teenage boy eat and I found this article. It was like someone put a pin in me and let all the trapped air out….I can breath…..he is normal!! I went to bed at 11pm two nights ago and woke at 7am to find almost a gallon of orange juice, gone, just shy of a pound of roast beef, gone, bread, gone, expensive (normally served with crackers and wine) cheese, gone and this all while we were sleeping. I was starting to think I was not feeing him enough at mealtimes but now I know it’s just boys. I had two younger brothers who reached their teens after I left Ireland for the US so never quite understood what my Mom was really saying. Thanks to this article I do.

  26. Laurie Says:

    Oh, he’s normal! They are like locusts, eating everything in sight. I went to Costco Saturday, stocked up on milk. Today, I need to go back to Costco for more milk. How the heck can one child drink two gallons of milk in 4 days? Granted, he was home for break, but still. It drives me insane :) But then, at least it isn’t soda. Anyway, my firm belief is that teenage boys are like newborns. They need to be fed every two hours. Good luck!

  27. Rachel Says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a fussy eater when his parents are on a very low budget? We have a teenager who also doesn’t stop eating and he is always asking for more food. We are baring making our bills. Any ideas?

  28. Rachel Says:

    sorry barely

  29. Laurie Says:

    Pasta? Eggs? I don’t know. Mine isn’t really fussy, so I’m not sure.

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