Give me my coffee and nobody gets hurt

Posted on July 17th, 2013

My coffeemaker died the other day. Now before you tell me that it

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5 Responses to “Give me my coffee and nobody gets hurt”

  1. Gina Says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my lord this is way too funny! 3 foot bottle of tequila but not cushy TP and fighting about which coffee maker? Does he have a death wish?
    Poor you! I hope you got your starbucks wish while at the store. A hint, when drinking port- take an asprin or aleeve at night, and drink a glass or two of water before bed. The water is the most important part of that, and should keep the drummers on lock down.

  2. Laurie Says:

    He does have a death wish!!!!! Can you imagine a $4 difference in the tp? I’m going to try your port/drummer intervention. I don’t know what it is about port but it gives me a total headache the next day.

  3. monica Says:

    I recently attended a wedding at this fabulous resort that had the tiniest keurig coffee makers that I have ever seen. it was actually possible to make my coffee FROM MY BED. I immediately texted a photo of this little baby DI-NO-mite to hubby with a text that said, “buy this.” it is precisely emergency instances like you describe above that make these baby coffee makers a necessity.

  4. Agent 54 Says:

    The voices in my head always start the day the same way, “coffee”.

    There are some things you don’t want to skimp on. Toilet Paper, Nuclear Reactors and Work Shoes. Just go ahead and spend the extra money and get the very best. You’ll never regret it.

  5. Laurie Says:

    @Monica – I saw those at Bed, Bath and Beyond! They are so cute. Sadly, if there was a coffee machine next to my bed, I’d lay around all day. Yeah, I’m a lazy kind of person :)

    @Agent 54 – Can we just discuss your name? Awesome. I have to agree with you – no cheap nuclear reactors. And I do have incredible work shoes – they are slippers of course since I work from home. But I do not cheap out on them :)

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