Chillpocolypse…Or How to Survive Winter in California

Posted on December 13th, 2013

A Native Californian, dressed for winter...I kid, I kid.

By the time you read this, The Great California Chillpocolypse of 2013 will be over.

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7 Responses to “Chillpocolypse…Or How to Survive Winter in California”

  1. Agent 54 Says:

    Good news! Algore has completely defeated Global Warming. Snow in Egypt!

    So now all the “Climate Warriors” can go home for the Holidays.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Jennifer in Reno! Says:

    LOL – OMG you are too funny!

    I’ve lived in Reno since I was 9 years old. Snow and cold are nothing. I think California’s are cute.

    When I was 17 I’d go out in 10 degree weather in Roxy tank tops and board shorts. My son is not 14 and goes out without a coat in shorts and a tee-shirt. These past two weeks it has gotten to -3 degrees and I find myself in my back yard enjoying a smoke and a coffee in my bathrobe and barefeet.

    I drive a mustang with rear wheele drive. Only this past month did I have to garage it and take my “winter” car since I couldnt get the ’stang up the small hill at the grocery store (had to back down a sheet of ice and go a different way).

    It’s normal for us people over the hill. Lol. Give me 110 degrees though and I’m raging angry. =)

  3. Laurie Says:

    @Agent 54 – not Egypt…California! LOL. Merry Christmas to you, too :)

    @Jennifer in Reno – You peeps who like cold are so foreign to me :) I grew up in the Central Valley, so temps of 110 are nothing. Some nights it only cooled to 95. My son used to race in the Valley and on the track it would be 114 while he was wearing a full fire suit, a helmet and gloves. Hm. Maybe Californians aren’t so wimpy ;) OTOH, I went to the grocery store today and it was 71 out. Everyone was dressed in sweaters with Uggs. Seriously. SMH.

  4. Jennifer in Reno! Says:

    Hey now! I never said I LIKED the cold. I’m just used to it. I would prefer a beach and 85 degree weather year round. =)

  5. Laurie Says:

    LOL. Beach weather is the BEST. :)

  6. Kimberli Says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog. Gotta say, this is hilarious, and I can totally relate! I’m a fellow Californian, and I know VERY WELL exactly which cold spell you were referring too. It was awful. But I did get to wear my cute gloves, which was awesome. ;)

  7. Laurie Says:

    Lol – at least you got to wear the gloves once this year! And now it’s practically shorts weather. It’s crazy. I’m so glad you stumbled in :)

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