Welcome to the Annual Cleaning of the Car

Posted on February 3rd, 2014

Welcome to 2014. To celebrate the New Year, I decided to do my annual Cleaning of the Car. OK, it

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5 Responses to “Welcome to the Annual Cleaning of the Car”

  1. Gina Says:

    OH MY LANTA! This is hilarious! I was doing a trash call on my car today ( two kids 8&9) I found :
    $27.95 in assorted change ( lunch at work money! Coffee for everyone!)
    4 min sprite cans ( empty , hopefully drank and not spilled
    3 paper grocery bags
    6 plastic grocery bags
    15 gasoline receipts
    10 hair ties
    2 pencils
    6 ink pens ( liberated from work- heck they are awesome pens)
    2 sharpies
    1 metric ton of goldfish crackers and lunchbox package wrappers
    2 wedding cookies
    4 car charges ( nope not one will fit my phone)
    blue tooth password for my phone to car Bluetooth app.

  2. monica Says:

    you had me at octo-annually. I love this post. it’s like CSI when i clean our Yukon. i keep waiting for the day i’ll have to get all dexter on it and analyze the blood spatter.

  3. Jennifer in Reno! Says:

    I’m going to have to print this for my husband so he stops thinking I’m the only one.

  4. Laurie Says:

    Hah! Wait until your kids grow up! Junior’s car is so clean I swear to you he could perform surgery in there. But the minute he gets back into my car, it’s like he’s two again. Empty water bottles, fries, you name it.

    @Gina, I miss goldfish. But please don’t send me your leftovers :)
    @Monica, You had me at Dexter :)
    @Jennifer, oh, you are never alone in messiness :)

  5. Gina Says:

    @ Laurie- aww come on- I get free shipping since I work at FedEx!
    I need to add snow boots, gloves and hats to my list… I am plotting the demise of Old man Winter! He needs to let go!
    @ Monica- Dexter and crime scenes!
    Oh , Laurie As a public service announcement- Don’t forget your GS Cookies ! lol

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