DIY Friday – What the heck was I thinking?

Posted on February 7th, 2014

So somewhere around the new year, I got a wild hair up my…um, you know…to do some DIY. Now here’s the thing. I am not Martha Stewart. But at one point in time, I considered myself crafty. Heck I even owned craft paint. In more than one color. And I had a glue gun.

See? I was a serious crafter.

And then along came blogs and Pinterest and I began to see that painting a t-shirt and managing to glue rhinestones on it without burning the crap out of my fingers did not make me a Master Crafter. So I stopped crafting. And my paint dried up (seriously, that is NOT a metaphor for something else, so stop). And my glue gun got lost in a move.

And I became craftless.

And then, about six months ago, I saw this on a blog:

I loved this towel. I coveted this towel. And when I went to buy this towel online at West Elm I realized that the stupid towel was $17 (with the initial, which obviously was the entire reason I loved the towel). And I needed at least two. Well, I am not what you might call thrifty. In fact, I have been called frivolous in the past (in my defense, mainly by Harry, a man who does not part with a dime easily). But I could not make myself pony up $34, plus tax and shipping, for two towels that were going in Junior’s bathroom.

And then about a month ago, I found these at World Market:

Omigod. They were $3.99! And nearly the same as my coveted towels. It was meant to be, I’m telling you. I stood there in World Market and I debated. And debated. Could I do an iron-on? Oh, hell yes. So I bought them. And I put them in the laundry room for another couple of weeks until I remembered to buy iron-on letters.

So yesterday, armed only with my iPhone camera, an iron and my determination to save $34 plus tax and shipping, I did a DIY. And after many, many tries of getting the stupid iron-on letter to stick to the towel, and after the discovery that I didn’t have two “S” letters so I substituted a hasty “J” (for Junior), I ended up with these:

Um, if you are wondering what the mark is on the “S,” it’s my attempt to use a sharpie to copy the expensive towel. And yes, I know it didn’t work. But still. I had ironed the dang letters on and, other than the icky mark, I had a reasonable facsimile of the $34 plus tax and shipping towel. And I paid like $18 for both.

And I was proud. Until I read my email today. Yeah, this happened:

The towels are on clearance for $3.99. Each. Because you know? Crafting sucks.

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5 Responses to “DIY Friday – What the heck was I thinking?”

  1. Gina Says:

    Oh My LANTA! This seriously made me LOL- and my daughter (almost 8 yrs) asked what was so funny and scurried over to know. I am sorry to admit she got distracted by the kids show she was watching and lost interest.

    Anyway- OH man! I have been there and done that! I like crafts- I am crafty. I do pretty good job of them. BUT- have had many failures ( especially in baking) and end up spending more than what it would have been ( on clearance or retail) trying to make the darn things ! I do love your towels though.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Hi Gina! I do like the towels…except the icky mark. It’s like ALL I SEE when I go into Junior’s bathroom – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, the bathroom used by a 17 year and his friends is bound to have much worse stuff in it than a towel with an icky mark, right?

    LOL, so I’ve lost your 8 year old as a reader? Dang. I’m trying a new campaign to make them follow my blog before they know any better :)

  3. monica Says:

    hilarious, but not bad towels! crafting sucks – I am with you 110% on that. ;o)

  4. Cara Says:

    Haha made me laugh! Maybe this will inspire you to start doing more crafts? :)

  5. Jennifer in Reno! Says:

    When are you going to write more!? I REALLY REALLY hope everything is okay!

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