Flashback Friday: Yes, Junior, There is a Santa Claus

Posted on December 3rd, 2010

It’s Flashback Friday again and since I’m expecting family for the weekend, haven’t decorated the stupid tree and still have laundry piled from the floor to the ceiling…we have this little ditty from when Junior was 7. You know, I love doing these. It’s like Junior is little again. I’m almost surprised after I post a Flashback Friday and then I go to the high school and pick up a kid who is taller than me and incredibly smart-mouthed. Sigh.

WARNING: today

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3 Responses to “Flashback Friday: Yes, Junior, There is a Santa Claus”

  1. RU Serious (Bob) Says:

    Laurie? You should be receiving WAY more comments! What the Hey???? This was another gem but I have one question…. No Santa??? Then who was that fat guy wearing a red suit thst broke into my house last Christmas?? Sheesh!!!!!

  2. Kat Says:

    I ABSOLUTELY hate that parents lie to their children. I’m surprised that a seemingly smart woman as yourself would want to lie to your child.

  3. Laurie Says:

    I don’t like lying to children either. However, I don’t see a belief in Santa as a lie.

    There is a magic to childhood. Children believe in Peter Pan and SpongeBob and Santa Claus. They believe that somewhere on the planet, there is a Harry Potter. And on their 11th birthdays, they have a secret hope to get a letter from Hogwarts.

    This part of childhood that should never be stifled. This is the part that nurtures their imaginations. It enables them to grow up and someday become writers, dreamers, doers. It even enables them to grow up to be scientists and engineers and use their imaginations to create computers and cures for disease. It allows them to dare to dream that someday they can grow up and be whomever or whatever they want to be.

    I don’t believe that children are little adults. I strongly believe that the magic of childhood lasts for a small amount of time and we should support it fully. Too soon, our children will see the real world and there are times when it is not a pleasant place.

    So my gift to my child is a believe in the innocence of childhood and Santa. And I hope that one day he gives that gift to his own children.

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