It Must Be Summer Because I’m Freezing

Posted on June 24th, 2009

During summer, my family has an exciting and challenging game we play. This game is called

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16 Responses to “It Must Be Summer Because I’m Freezing”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Sounds a lot like how my dad is. Very anal about the cooling of the house. Same with heating in the winter. Arg

  2. Laurie Says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Yes, heating in winter is also a problem. Sigh. But you know, my system of ignoring hubby and then hiding the gas bill is working out very well ;)

  3. Vivalkakira Says:

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  5. Elinor Morand Says:

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  14. Regi Says:

    You are hilarious! I stumbled upon your writing, and VOILA . . . I adore you already. It’s so refreshing to see another woman (mother) who can use humor to relate to her husband and child(ren).

  15. fkbloona Says:

    LOL…i love this post…in our 8 years of marriage hubby and i still fight over the a/c. he knows that i get angry when i come home to a hot house esp in the summer, but he’ll pretend he forgot to turn down the thermostat b/4 i get home. I like keeping my house at around 70 degrees…i even threatened to break the thermostat unit at ‘cool’ setting so he can’t mess with it anymore. I agree with you, why have central air if you’re not going to use it when it’s 113 outside…arrrgghhhh

  16. Stefan Aughe Says:

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