And this is why I don’t clean

Posted on January 17th, 2011

I don

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2 Responses to “And this is why I don’t clean”

  1. Christina Says:

    I am so laughing right now. Not at you, but because I went through a similar situation about a year ago. I cleaned those cabinets, which were covered with little sticky fingerprints, and wouldn’t you know it? No matter how careful I was, that Pledge wound up on the floor. My toddler was slipping and sliding everywhere, and so was our 70 pound dog.
    And, like you, I didn’t stop there, I actually used the polish on our wood steps without thinking. (Not just the banister, but the steps) We were very lucky. Very, very lucky, since the steps lead down to the concrete basement floor…
    I have to say, my husband doesn’t make any comments about sticky fingerprints any more. lol.

  2. swissdent Says:

    You have a style of explaining things, which is really straightforward. Thank you for clear and concise details.

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