Never Trust a Movie Rating

Posted on July 31st, 2009

Recently, I took my son to the movies. Now you

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9 Responses to “Never Trust a Movie Rating”

  1. Jenny Georgio-who Says:

    Wow. Thats some really crazy PG-13. I said the same thing about movie ratings a while ago.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall was PG-13 and in the first 8 minutes you see a guys dick just hanging there. I was like Uhhhh, I wouldn’t let my 13 year old watch that crap.

    Harold and Kumar – also rated PG-13 and then all of a sudden there was a “bottomless” party where guys and girls privates were showing for the entire 5 minute scene. Again, not something I see approriate for 13 year old.

    I guess as society changes so does what we think is approriate for 13 and unders!

  2. Laurie Says:

    Yeah, but it was my bad, seriously. I normally check out movies at (free plug notice!) They are the best when it comes to deciphering ratings and letting parents know what is really in the movies the kids want to watch. But I figured he was 13, it said PG-13 and honestly, let my guard down. Never again!!! Thanks for reading!

  3. Crystal Says:

    Good Lord you crack me up. Your writing style reminds me of mine, if I do say so myself. :)

    Can’t wait to read more.

  4. Alison (Alison's Book Marks) Says:

    I’m. Not. Ready. My oldest son is 7, and some of the questions I get from some regular old PG movies send my jaw to the floor. PG-13? No thank you. This is why I buy DVDs from great 80s movies — there are no threesomes in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

  5. Laurie Says:

    Oh, Alison, be ready. They grow up so fast!!!!!

  6. sandraraven15 Says:

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  7. Tammy Says:

    I knew that the ratings could not be trusted but had no idea that menage a trios and bottomless parties were considered PG-13, what is the point of rating. The good thing you were with your son and not his friends; you wouldn’t have know that it was time to have a sex talk.

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