Please. Is it that difficult to load a dishwasher?

Posted on April 27th, 2011

The other day I discovered something so horrifying I believe it may have just challenged my belief in

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5 Responses to “Please. Is it that difficult to load a dishwasher?”

  1. Monica Says:

    Hey, its ur new frnd frm FB!

    U r too funny laurie…I just cudnt stop reading ur posts after I got my hands on ur blog…guess I’ve this addiction now, and m done with all ur posts so soon :(

    Pls keep on posting more!


  2. OneMommy Says:

    It’s a man thing. My husband can’t load it worth crap, but I try not to let him see me rearrange the items so I can fit everything in before running it. Otherwise he’ll have an excuse not to help – and I’m not giving him that! LOL.

  3. Susie @ A Slice of my Life Says:

    I don’t know…they may have gotten it all mixed up, melted and pointy, but I’m rather impressed that everything made it IN the dishwasher. It drives me nuts to find a completly empty dishwasher with dishes piled on top of it. ARGH!

    I’ve just come across your blog today and have been enjoying your archives. Fun stuff!

  4. Laurie Says:

    @Susie, thanks for reading and yes, at least everything did make it in. It’s the little things that keep moms going :)

    @one mommy, LOL. No excuses :)

    @Monica, thanks!

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