Guest Blog: Betty and Veronica Revisted

Posted on May 26th, 2011

Hello! this is a guest blog from Barbara Greenberg, PhD. I’ve never had a guest blogger, but this came up and seemed cool because I am having issues communicating with Junior. Frankly, he’s being a teenage PITA* at this very moment. Anyway, Dr. Greenberg and Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder PsyD wrote a book called Teenage as a Second Language and run the website Talking Teenage. Important note: I haven’t read the book–but plan to. But I have been lurking on their site and it’s really got some very useful information. Also, I’m not being compensated to post this. And finally, how cool is it that they get all those initials after their names? I totally want some, but you  know, without all the school and dissertations. Oh, and PITA means “pain in the a$$.”

I was thinking about who my teen role models were when I was a child. Instantly, Betty and Veronica of the Archie comic book series came to mind. I hadn’t thought about Betty and Ronnie in several years and decided to see what they were up to these days.

So, off I went to my local bookstore and was delighted to find both a recent Betty issue and a recent Veronica issue. I was so surprised to see that they now appeared to be getting into trouble for excessive texting and Reggie was bragging about relationships on Facebook. The dynamics of this group appeared to have remained as I remembered them. Betty continued to be sweet. Veronica continued to be self-centered. Archie continued to be kind of dorky but adored by Veronica, Betty, and almost every other teen girl who moved to Riverdale. Everyone seemed to like Jughead although he continued to like his burgers best.

Why, I asked myself, had I admired Betty so much when I was growing up? I suppose I thought that she was thoughtful, well-intentioned, and persistent. What I don’t remember thinking about was that her best friendship with Veronica was characterized by frequent conflict, jealousy, and competition particularly regarding Archie’s affection. Oh dear, I asked myself, this was one of my teen role models? This brought me to the question of who our children are thinking of as their role models. Please share your thoughts and memories.

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3 Responses to “Guest Blog: Betty and Veronica Revisted”

  1. John Says:

    I am amazed to learn that Archie and friends have been updated technologically but remain pretty much the same in terms of personality and relationships. I guess that means that our teens aren’t really that much different from the way we were. I certainly hope that’s the case, because if we turned out as well as we did, despite our narcissism, jealousies, and dorkiness, maybe we can relax a little about our teeenagers. They will still drive us nuts, but at least we can worry less about the final outcome, which is probably going to be pretty terrific adults.

  2. Laurie Says:

    John, I know, right? It gives me hope. I think part of the reason my son and I are having such a hard time right now is because instead of looking to what I felt when I was a teen, I was trying to look for common ground in terms of today’s teens. But if I remember what I went through, I think I may be able to relate better.

    So maybe, just maybe, I can stop holding my breath :)

  3. Chris Soukoulis Says:

    I was online checking out different blogs and came across yours, I felt compelled to comment and tell you how informative and very well written it is !! Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more soon !!

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