Flashback Friday: A day without teen texting

Posted on July 8th, 2011

A few days ago Junior burst down the stairs like the Texas chainsaw massacre guy was chasing him, with a look of absolute terror on his face and his phone in his hand. Apparently, he had hit his texting limit. His monthly texting limit. Despite the fact that it was the beginning of the month. How would he communicate with his friends? Would they survive the apocolypse? Would they have to (gasp) actually speak to each other?

Clearly this was a crisis that rivaled any in the Middle East. I mean, to have to use your voice for something other than asking your mother if you are supposed to wash your underwear and socks together is, honestly, the recurring nightmare of every teenager. Fortunately for Junior, his limit was an arbitrary one set by having parental controls on his phone (yeah, I roll with rules) and was easy to fix. Within minutes he was back to texting again.

But a year or so ago, this was a completely different story…

You see, a year or so ago, residents of my town suffered a crisis of major proportions. Some idiots cut the fiber optic cable thingies that provide us with the essentials for human life. Yeah, the cable was out. And so were the phones. Even cell phones had no service. And the Internet? Well, it was gone too. It was like living in Amish country. Or time traveling back to 1965. But without the flippy hairdo

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2 Responses to “Flashback Friday: A day without teen texting”

  1. Nicole Jade Says:

    Thank goodness for technology! Play a game of life? Have relay races in the backyard? Bake some cookies? No, that type of stuff is boring, lets play on the ps3 or update our facebook pages with “I’m so bored….” Aw, life as a teenager, such a horrible life without texting! At least it does provide you with a little quiet time. I could so use it with my little ones running and screaming all over the house.


  2. Laurie Says:

    LOL. Once they become teens, you get a lot of quiet time. They are either gone or playing ps3. It kind of rocks, actually :)

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