Driver’s Ed…yes, it scares the crap out of me

Posted on July 15th, 2011


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7 Responses to “Driver’s Ed…yes, it scares the crap out of me”

  1. lisa Says:

    my daughter just finished the classroom portion of driver’s ed. we made her go to the “old fashioned” type. it was held 1/2 mile from our house and she went m-f for three weeks. we were the evil parents and made her walk. she said walking was embarrassing! oh, the drama! i’d like to know since when has walking become an embarrassing activity??!! each day she would come home scared to death after seeing the videos they showed in class. she swears she is never driving on the highway.

  2. Amy H Says:

    My husband & I were actually in Driver’s Ed together when we were 13 yrs old!!! Of course, we didn’t KNOW we’d end up married…. and yes, you could get a driver’s license in Idaho when you were 13 “back n the day!” LMAO!

    Anyway…. our youngest son is 14.5 yrs old and is in Driver’s Ed this summer. He goes to class in an older couple’s GARAGE that’s been converted into a classroom, lol. Of course, there’s NO A/C….and the class starts @ 7 pm when it’s hot, hot, HOT outside (and inside… the garage)! And, get this: he’s learning to drive in a car with a manual transmission!!! The only driving school in town that uses stick shift cars! Every car has a sticker on the back that says “Be patient please. Student driver. Stick shift.” Need I say more??? Hahaha! He has some pretty funny stories to tell!

  3. Laurie Says:

    @Lisa – See? I want Junior scared! I want him to not want to get on the highway. Instead all I hear is, “this is boring.” LOL at walking being an embarrassing activity :)

    @Amy, that’s so cool that you and your husband went to driver’s ed together. But I remember 13. I would not want my son driving at 13. I am dying over the stick shift. Really? With all the crap they have to learn, they thought dropping a stick shift into the mess was a good plan??

  4. Melissa Avery Says:

    This made my day! I blocked out the horror stories I heard in Drivers Ed, something about a burning car, a friend trapped in said car, and an explosion. A true story of course. Can’t wait to teach the boy to drive stick just like my parents did me, on the road with the most stop signs at the top of hills. Ahhh, memories.

  5. Laurie Says:

    LOL @ Melissa. I got trained on a stick shift in the middle of a major city…downtown. I literally scared my mother so badly she and my dad convinced a childless friend to teach me to drive stick shift :)

  6. Susan Greenberg Says:

    Right back at you! Driver’s ed is so lame nowadays that I’m petrified to drive with my daughter. Check out this UM post:
    Love the MM site! Thanks for the support–
    And keep that seatbelt buckled.

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