I’m not obsessed with cupcakes

Posted on August 16th, 2011

Every once in a while I get a reminder about why I married Harry. He’s the complete and total opposite of me. Take this morning, for example. I was discussing ordering a few cupcakes from the cupcake bakery for this weekend when some friends come by the house. And Harry turns to me and says, “Laurie, not everyone is as obsessed with cupcakes as you are.”


First of all, I am not obsessed. Just because I find cupcakes to be one of the most perfect foods on the planet, does not mean I am obsessed. Also? Just because I wake up some nights dreaming of the most perfect cupcake I ever tasted (chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting) does not mean I’m obsessed.

Wait. That could mean I’m obsessed.

But it doesn’t matter. Because honestly, who doesn’t like cupcakes? I mean, other than Harry, of course. And not only does he not like cupcakes, he doesn’t like cake at all. Or pretty much anything sweet. Which has its good points, I’ll tell you. For example, until Junior came along I never had to fight anyone for the last cupcake in the house. It was always mine. I’m a bit ashamed to say that most of the time, even after Junior came along, the last cupcake is still mine. Look, some things are worth fighting for, ok?

In any event, Harry’s dislike for sweets has its bad points as well. When we were getting married, Harry refused to do a cake tasting. He even told me that I could smear cake on his face at the reception as long as I didn’t make him take a bite. And when I kept the top tier of the cake lovingly preserved in our freezer so we could eat it on our first anniversary he refused to touch it. So then I was forced to eat the entire thing so we wouldn’t have bad luck throughout our marriage.

And that is how my first layer of muffin top was formed.

But all of that doesn’t matter, because I am not obsessed. I simply like cupcakes. They are perfect. And other than Harry, who wouldn’t love them? They are made with flour, eggs and milk. It’s like breakfast all baked into a delicious little cake, topped with icing.

And let’s be honest here – you can’t eat too many cupcakes. Well, maybe you can, but it’s not the same as eating too many cakes, right? You see, cupcakes are small. They fit into the palm of your hand. And there is absolutely no way to eat too many of anything that fits into the palm of your hand, because we all know that’s how you measure a serving size.

Also? There’s no phoniness with a cupcake. They are all the same size. You don’t go to a birthday and ask for a small slice of cupcake because the skinny lady next to you did and you are intimidated by the fact that she still fits into a single digit pant size. Everyone eats the same amount of cupcake.  Ok, the skinny lady may throw hers up a few minutes later, but still. She ate it.

And let’s say you ate a few more cupcakes than you normally would – maybe the equivalent of say, a sheet cake – you can still say “I’d better watch it tomorrow, I ate more than one cupcake.” Now, doesn’t that sound better than saying “I ate an entire sheet cake?” I mean, you are still being honest; you ate a couple of cupcakes. But you don’t have to say that you ate an entire cake that would serve twenty people.

I could go on and on about how cupcakes are the most perfect food on the planet. But truthfully, all this talk about cupcakes has made me a bit hungry. And because this is Tuesday, the cupcake place has Red Velvet freshly baked.

Not that I’m obsessed or anything.

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7 Responses to “I’m not obsessed with cupcakes”

  1. Gina Smith Says:

    Cupcakes are the cherrubs of the cake world. Who in their right mind would refuse to embrace them? Cherrubs are angles. Angles are helpers from God, ergo, Cupcakes are good, God is a whole Cake. Besides, cupcakes are happy food. Ever have a bad day and then receive or buy a cupcake as a treat and feel instantly better? I have. A great place for them is http://sugarhighllc.com if you ever travel to Michagan, go to Frankenmuth and the little village of Little Barvaria to the Sugar High.

  2. Amy Says:

    I completely and utterly agree! In fact I ate… we’ll just say it was a couple last night. Chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting and sprinkles..Yum. They were the last of my eight year old daughter’s birthday cupcakes and I had to fight her for the last of them. Mommy won but I’m now wondering at what cost.

  3. Desiree - Mother Musing Says:

    My sister made peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter frosting lightly swirled with strawberry jelly on top & strawberry jelly injected in the middle! It was delish!!

    I understand the cupcake love. :D

  4. Laurie Says:

    @Gina, I agree. Cupcakes are truly divine :)
    @Amy, I wouldn’t worry about it. As mothers, one of our jobs is to give our kids something to complain about to their future therapist. Good job!
    @Desiree, OMG those sound good.

  5. Natalia Says:

    Oh goody! I’m not the only one who sees cupcakes as the best thing EVER <3 They are perfect and FUN <3 Plus the best thing about them, it's that you can eat them secretly ;) No one will know you just had a cupcake. Not like cakes, where you have to put that big box on the trash can, making everybody know you just finished the cake in the house (oh god, I sound obsessed too!)

  6. Natalia Says:

    I just saw this http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/2011/09/infographic-rise-of-cupcakes.html and thought of your post :) That’s how cupcakes came to their all time glory.

  7. Laurie Says:

    @Natalia, You are so right, tho. Everyone knows if you ate part of a cake – but cupcakes are easy to cheat with :) Thanks for the link. Who knew cupcakes had been around for a few hundred years?

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