Kids sue mom – for “bad mothering”

Posted on August 29th, 2011

In today’s news of the stupid, ridiculous and weird, we have the case of Kimberly Garrity. Kimberly was sued by her children, Steven II (23) and Kathryn (20) for bad mothering.

Yeah, I said “bad mothering.” And yeah, these are actual adults suing their mother.

Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up. If I could make stuff like this up, I’d be living in Hollywood, writing sitcoms and waiting for my personal chef to whip up a low-carb breakfast. Instead, I live in a small town, write this blog and honestly? I just ate leftovers that I didn’t bother to microwave because I was too hungry to wait the 35 seconds to heat them.

Anyway, back to Kimberly.

Apparently, Kimberly’s darling offspring believe she sucks as a mother.  I’m kind of stumped here. I mean, really? I’m thinking that we could fan out all over the planet and interview kids from every high school and college in existence and we’d probably find that every single one of them – at one point in time – thought their parents sucked.

Heck, I like my parents and there was a time I thought they sucked.

Anyway, poor Kimberly has spent a few years battling the lawsuit her children filed. Amongst the grievances and horror the two kids endured was: receiving a birthday card that did not have cash or a check inside (however, it did say “Love & Hugs, Mom xoxoxo”), haggling over the amount to be spent on party dresses, telling Steven II, then 7, to buckle his seatbelt or she would call the police and my personal favorite: forcing her daughter to return home from Homecoming at midnight.

Frankly, I’m shocked that making them eat a balanced diet wasn’t on the list. Doesn’t everyone know that making your kids eat carrots is abuse?

The biggest shocker, of course, is the fact that Kimberly’s former spouse (and the father of the kids) is acting as Steven II and Kathryn’s lawyer. And by “biggest shocker,” obviously I mean, “no shocker at all and by the way, her ex-husband really is a d-bag isn’t he?”

In any event, we are fortunate that the Cook County judge hearing the case had more sense than the ex-husband and ruled against the children. Because I have to tell you – had she ruled the other way, I’d be guilty of some bad, bad mothering.

In fact, I have never, and I mean never, put cash in a birthday card for Junior. And I have threatened to turn him over to the police for not buckling his seatbelt. Heck, I’m teaching the kid to drive. Do you think I haven’t screamed in terror, “Good Lord, do I have to go to the cops to make you understand that you don’t exceed the speed limit?”

Honestly, just the thought of the stuff that Junior could have sued me for is pretty mind-boggling. I once took away his ps3. For a month. And one time, when I was so mad I couldn’t see straight because he wouldn’t stop texting at the table, I took away his phone. I have made him eat veggies – even the ones he hates. I require that all homework be completed before he hangs out with friends.

Of course, worst of all, I have said the word “no” to my son. On many, many occasions. I have said “no” to him staying out past curfew. I have said “no” when he wanted to drive his go-cart on the sidewalk in our neighborhood. I have said “no” to various things he wanted to do, even though he assured that every one of his friend’s parents were allowing their kids to do it.

So thank you, Judge Flanagan. Without your ruling, millions of moms on the planet could be sued for “bad mothering.” And that would be a real shame.

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8 Responses to “Kids sue mom – for “bad mothering””

  1. pixielation Says:

    The fact that it even came to trial is astounding! The father/lawyer should get fined for wasting court time!

    As if parenting needs that kind of pressure on top of it.

  2. Meg Says:

    oh my goodness… for one, my kid is turning four tomorrow, and I KNOW I’ve built up a repertoire of grievances already… I think the father, as a lawyer, should either have his license suspended for participating in a BEYOND frivolous lawsuit (we know he never assisted with disciplining the kids, probably a reason she ditched the d*****e), and also fined, because lets face it, he’s representing his kids against his ex-wife in a case that would clearly be a conflict of interests.. Good call to the judge for taking the case and ruling for mom.

  3. Laurie Says:

    @Pixielation – hey hi! I haven’t “talked” to you in a while. I wish they would have fined the father – but they didn’t. In fact, the they didn’t even make him pay for the mother’s court fees. Such a jerk.

    @Meg, IKR? There would be pages fo stuff from Junior to the judge. Pages. He has called me the meanest mom on earth, for pete’s sake :) I agree, he never assisted in disciplining those kids and probably enabled them on their way to becoming ungrateful brats.

  4. Liz Says:

    OMG!!! I was going to try to comment on this but ……I am just sitting here shocked. The mother should turn around and sue the three of them!!!

  5. NZD Says:

    All I can say is that almost nothing beat the moment when my 13-year-old daughter, observing some out-of-control children screaming and flinging stuff around the cabin of our airplane on an 8-hour flight, climbed onto my lap and said, “Thank you, mom, for telling me “no” and for never letting me think that this behaviour was acceptable…”. While I certainly agree that the dad is a dirtbag and the kids are whacky, somehow, someone gave those kids unreasonable ideas of how to behave and the mom didn’t exactly set them straight…a sad reflection on how our kids are being socialized. Thank goodness the judge saw it for what it was!

  6. Laurie Says:

    @Liz, IKR? It’s actually sad. At some point, I hope those kids regret it.

    @NZD, I totally agree with you that this says a lot about how our kids are being raised nowadays. I took the whole lawsuit, though, with the lack of cash in the cards and the “haggling” over the cost of party dresses as the mother’s way of trying to reign in the little brats. An actual quote from the Dad said he “tried” to persuade them not to file suit against their mother, but they wanted to anyway. Seriously. He “tried.” To me that says everything about his parenting skills.

  7. Gina Smith Says:

    You are never too old to not be corrected by your momma! I would so ear twist my kids out of the court house after this! I hurt, literally, heart and soul, for this mother. She does not deserve that callous treatment. I feel the judge should have sent those spoiled adults to work community service at a treatment facility, safe house, or Children Services office to see what “Bad Mothering ” really is. The father/lawyer needs to be disbarred for prejudice,bigotry,and bribery. He turned his children away from a good mother, reduced the mother to nothing, and then I am sure he bribed them to go along with this cockamamie scheme. I support the judge. She is right, it would so open the doors to every other spoiled or mean child to sue their parents for appropriate discipline measures and normal restrictions. If I blew off curfew for an after party or threw a fit on an over priced dress? I wouldn’t have ever left the house again except for school, nor would I have had a dress bought for me at all. My children have the same ammunition against me, normal discipline, not giving in to spoiled tantrums, eating healthy meals,etc etc. I guess we can share a cell Manic!

  8. Laurie Says:

    @Gina, LOL, yep, we’ll be sharing a cell. I just feel so sorry for the mother. I can’t imagine having your kids sue you. Horrible. Just horrible.

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