What to Expect…yep it’s a giveaway

Posted on October 21st, 2011

Before Junior came along, I was perfectly confident that I would be the perfect parent. After all, how difficult could parenting be? Millions of people did it every day, so it couldn

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7 Responses to “What to Expect…yep it’s a giveaway”

  1. Tessa Says:

    I’d like a book of what to expect the first year :) my daughter is 4 months and sometimes I find myself googling what could possible be wrong or what’s normal

  2. Tessa Says:

    Oh and I wanted to add I liked your facebook page but are we supposed to message you or write on your wall about the give away?

    Love your blog!

  3. Laurie Says:

    Hi Tessa! Thanks for entering. If you add a comment on Facebook, that would count as your third entry (you get four tries) so by all means go ahead and comment :)

    You are lucky to have Google. When Junior was a baby all I had as a reference was my mother. Let’s just say she isn’t Google ;)

  4. Marion Says:

    I love give aways even though I hardly ever win. But if I do win I would love the what to expect when expecting. My husband and I are starting to plan out begining a family. :)

  5. Laurie Says:

    Hi Marion – ooh, exciting times. I remember when we were starting to plan out having a family. It’s fun and exciting. You’re entered twice for the What to Expect When You are Expecting book :)

  6. Lauren Says:

    Those books saved my life! I was a very young, new mom, and coming from a very long line of girls, had absolutely no idea what to do with a boy! Well, now he is three years old and driving me crazy, but I am sooo glad he was not a girl :D

  7. Laurie Says:

    @Lauren, I felt the same way when Junior was 3. It’s such a hard age! I could handle the two year old tantrums, but somehow 3 was much, much more difficult. I like having a boy too. It’s a completely different way of looking at life and I think it’s changed me a lot.

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