The Winners are…

Posted on November 11th, 2011

Remember that contest for the What to Expect books? And remember how I told you that I would announce the winners on November 10, 2011? And remember how the calendar says it’s November 11, 2011?

Yeah. So I was doing laundry and fell over the books and realized, “uh-oh, I never announced the winners.”

So without further ado, thanks to, here are the winners (and if I didn’t spell your name right, please forgive me):

Marion Gries (gets the What to Expect When You are Expecting book)

Julie Ainsworth Brandford

Kristina Johnson

If Marion, Julie and Kristina could email me at laurie (at) that would be great – otherwise I don’t know where to send your book. I know Marion said which book she wanted, so she got first dibs. But Kristina and Julie, please let me know which book you want (What to Expect the First Year or What to Expect the Second Year). If I don’t hear from any of you by Monday, I will head back to and make them spit out some new names :)

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One Response to “The Winners are…”

  1. Marion Says:

    I just sent my email :) Can’t wait!

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