Finally, Junior buys a car…with help

Posted on January 23rd, 2012

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So over the weekend, Junior ended up with his first car. And Harry and I ended up paying for half of it.

Yes, I know I said we weren’t. But honestly, the minute I sat in something that Junior’s entire life savings could purchase, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. For one thing? There were pee stains on the seats in one of the cars we looked at. At least I hope it was pee. Because honestly, that was the best of any of the other cars we saw.

There was the car that didn’t have one matching tire on it. Or the car that only had three tires, despite its very clear need for four (obviously we didn’t have a chance to test drive that one). Or the car with battery acid all over the engine, which Junior naturally touched before I could say “that’s sulphuric acid, don’t touch!” Or the car with the bashed in gas tank doo-hickey, which made even the sales guy wonder how Junior would fill the tank. Or the one-year old car with a rock-bottom price and a title that said SALVAGE.

And of course, the piece de resistance (I think that’s French for “holy crap is that all Junior can afford?”) was the pee car. It had four tires, although one was a temporary. The pee stains were on the front seat, right next to the three empty cans of Red Bull. And yes, they were pee stains. I knew this because the smell was still there, wafting over us. Honestly? I did not want to test drive the darned car, let alone sit in the pee seat. But Harry and Junior drove it and reported that the car needed new brakes, new tires (duh), heavy cleaning and new shocks. And it was the best we had seen in two weeks.

Which leads me to a small rant. Honestly, WTF do people do with their vehicles? I mean, we weren’t looking at luxury cars. But seriously? Who pees in their car, then puts it up for sale without cleaning up the pee stains or at least hanging one of those stinky tree things from the mirror so the smell of pee isn’t so obvious? And who puts a car up for sale with 3 tires on it? How on earth did it even make it to the used car lot with 3 freaking tires?

Anyway, by the end of one of our shopping days, Junior had decided to hold off on getting a car for 6 more months so he could get a weekend job and save more money. So after a regroup, Harry and I decided to pay for half the car. And after an entire weekend spent shopping in the nearest large city, we drove home, still dejected that we hadn’t found anything and seriously considering just buying the pee car and putting some money into it.

And then, a mile from our house, we drove by a car lot and found Junior’s dream car. A silver mustang – albeit the slowest mustang ever with a small engine and automatic transmission. Seriously? My SUV could kick this car’s butt in a race. Of course, it needs work. The body is sound, the engine is good, but it needs new brakes. The front is missing a grill piece and has numerous dents because apparently the original owner only knew how to park by the “touch and feel” method of hitting the curb. But it was in our new price range, even with fixing the brakes. And Harry is convinced this car will take Junior through high school and college – which is something we really wanted to happen.

And Junior loves it.

Of course, Junior is now so poor, he had to ask me this morning if he could borrow $2 against his allowance from next week so he could have something in his wallet in case he needed an emergency Gatorade after school. And no, I don’t know why he might need an emergency Gatorade, but what the heck. Everybody needs two bucks in their wallet, right?

And I’m so proud of him for paying for half of his car, that I’m willing to lend him the money. And I might not even charge him interest.

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2 Responses to “Finally, Junior buys a car…with help”

  1. Maddie Says:

    Lucky me,my dad just bought me a car! Not a mustang ( I was oogling a fancy sports car, but it was out of our price range or something weird like that…) But we found a 1996 GMC sonoma with new brakes, a new clutch (which i might kill while learning to drive it…) and a new battery.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Congratulations!!!! You must be so excited:) My first car was a stick shift too – take care on those hills! congrats again and be careful out there :)

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