Yeah, I might be housework-impaired

Posted on January 25th, 2012

So for the last two days, Junior has had the stomach flu. Now, I have to tell you, this did not deter him from going to school Monday so I could pick him up in his new car. Sadly, the minute we got home, he announced he was sick and spent the rest of the afternoon praying in the bathroom for a merciful toilet god to let him stop throwing up. (Too much info? Maybe).

Anyway, in an effort to prove that I am, indeed, a domestic goddess and also a mother who is kind and nurses the sick, I went into Junior’s room to change his sheets. Normally, I don’t do that. Go into his room or change his sheets. The changing part is his job – as for going into his room. Um, ew. It smells in there. Anyway I get in the room, and I’m stripping the bed when I see this:

It's beginning to look a lot like January

Yes, that is a Christmas tree. Apparently, in my holiday-induced stupor, I put up a small tree in Junior’s room, then forgot about it.

And the worst part? Two days later I still haven’t taken it down, but I have blogged about it :)

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