How shoes grow

Posted on January 26th, 2012

When my son was young, people would constantly tell me to cherish the time I spent with him. They would sigh and add, “Children grow up way too fast.”

And every single time some well-meaning person told me that, I would smile, thank them and think to myself, “seriously? WTF? I haven’t slept in months, my hair is falling out, I don’t think I’ve eaten anything that could be reasonably called a balanced meal in weeks and on top of all that, I touch another human’s poop every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Not much to cherish here, if you ask me.”

Yeah. I’m kind of idiotic that way. Thank goodness I never said it out loud.

Because the other day I was walking up the stairs and I tripped over the shoes you see in this photo. And as I fell onto the steps and tried to remember not to bonk my chin, I thought, “when the heck did that kid’s feet get so big?” That, of course, was quickly followed by, “If I survive this fall, there’s going to be hell to pay for not putting away his shoes.”

Ahem. Anyway, while I was applying ice to my bonked chin, I realized that time had gone way, way too fast. I mean, honestly? When you look at your baby’s feet do you ever realize that someday those feet are going to be as big or bigger than yours or his dad’s? Yeah, I didn’t either. And yet, I swear to you, at 15, that boy can snow ski barefoot.

But did you ever think that the toddler who hugs your knees would someday tower over you? And did you realize that those lopsided hugs would someday be lopsided only because he’s taller than you? Or that the 5 year old girl who has makeup swirled all over one eye and lipstick somewhere near her ear will someday show you the newest way to wear eyeliner?

Or the boy who played with LEGOs for hours would someday go off to college to study architecture? Or that girl who played with cars would be driving a car of her own?  Or worse yet, she’d be driving your car? And she’d do so without you in the car telling her to go slow, be safe and put her phone in the glove compartment?

All that stuff really happens. So today, when you look at your child’s teeny, tiny toes and itty-bitty shoes, I want you to think about this picture of my son’s size 10.5 shoes. And understand that in the not-so-distant-future, way before you are ready, those itty-bitty toes will turn into giant, hairy man feet (or not-quite-as-hairy female feet.)

And you will realize that all that time went by too fast. And that although you would gladly do it all over again – next time you would find a way not touch human poop for the first three years.

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6 Responses to “How shoes grow”

  1. Gina Says:

    Wow, great blog. I had similar thoughts just the other day. Well, I stress similar- not the part of size 10.5 man child shoes or taller than mom hugs. This past weekend, hubby and I had to attend his military brigade ball. As I was prepairing through the week, my 5yr old daughter was so excited, and would ramble on and on about waltzes, dancing, formal gowns and hair accessories, and wondering if and when she would get to go along. Then as I was dressing for the evening, she watched me do my hair and make- up ( a HUGE change in daily life. Usually a brush and hair tied back while wet style and No make-up in real life.) While watching, she was humming the waltzes from every Disney movie. My heart melted. I flashed forward to a teenage beauty humming as she readied herself for a dance. The next day, she spied my formal heels in the living room where I had abandoned them, and put on the heels. At first, they were on the wrong feet, and not strapped tightly, so she fell. I pointed out her mistake, and helped her up to fix them. I then realized she is growing way to fast! Her feet are not much off my shoe size (6.5 women)! She is only 5! She hits me mid chest (but I am only 5 foot). Where did my little girl go? On the same note, as I wandered the house , I noticed the height markers on the wall. My 7 yr old son is just shy of 4 foot, and his tennis shoes are only 2 sizes too small for me (6.5 womens =4.5 boys). Where did my little boy go? Where are my round faced toddlers, and chubby 1 year olds?
    Then I remember, one day they will feel the same as me, and I am so looking forward to this journey to get them there without much permnate damage or damning for the psychologist to deal with.

  2. Laurie Says:

    @Gina, How cute was your daughter about the dance? She’s going to be the girl that loves all the dress up at prom. I envy you going shopping for a dress with her. I kinda miss that :) Just wait. Junior’s feet were normal sized until about 5th grade when suddenly they started growing like crazy. Your son will go from 2 sizes smaller to 4 sizes larger!

    I look at this blog as a way for Junior to save time and money with his future therapist. He never has to go in there and talk about all the stuff his parents did – he can just give the therapist the URL and he/she can read it on his/her own :) See what a nice mom I am?

  3. Liz Says:

    I love this blog…even though I am an empty nester, you crack me up when I need it. And some how you always post something that makes me think you can read my mind. I was going through pictures this weekend, I found my favorite picture of my youngest. She has lipstick all over her face kind of like that guy from Batman but she has the cutest smile. Then and wait for this ….I get a tweet from said youngest. She is using body paint to paint her stomach green and then put the letter P on it in white. She is going to a college basketball game and all of them decided to spell out the mascot!! Real cute. I am of course jealous because they all have abs something I have not seen since well I was her age. They do grow up way too fast!! Enjoy the ride it is over way too soon.

  4. Laurie Says:

    @Liz, thank you! I’m jealous of your daughter’s abs too. I haven’t seen mine in ages. Sigh. I have, however, seen my butt because frankly, there’s a lot to see :) I’m trying so hard to enjoy the ride, but sometimes I feel I’m spinning my wheels in quicksand. So not looking or ward to the empty nest.

  5. Monica DeLaCruz Says:

    “For while reader” first time commenter (I think). Have really enjoyed your blog and I love this post. Hilarious, but did bring a tear to my eye. I just hugged my 10 year old the other day and was shocked at how long (and thick and actually with HAIR) his legs were. Holy cow! When did that happen?

  6. Laurie Says:

    Hi Monica, IKR? Before you know it, he will be driving and dating and all kinds of other things that will scare the crap out of you :) LOL. Mommyhood is so fun :)

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