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Posted on February 6th, 2012


Who makes you smile? Your kids? Dogs? Husband? The sight of clean laundry being put away by normally reluctant teens? (um, I know which one gets my vote.)

If stuff makes you smile – and let’s face it, even some of us grumpy moms (dang, I totally should have named the blog that) smile at something. And wouldn’t it be incredibly awesome to win a trip to NEW YORK CITY just for that smile? K, this is the part where you all yell “yes!” Or, if you are very enthusiastic (you know who you are) you can yell “heck, yes!”

All you have to do is enter a contest. Submit a photo of yourself with someone who makes you smile to the nice peeps running the contest at Describe the photo in 140 characters or less. Then enlist the entire planet – including all of us here at Manic Motherhood, to vote for you.

Have I mentioned you’ll win a trip to New York City? Because you totally will win a trip to New York City, all expenses paid. And $1,000 cash. And a photo shoot. And a teeth-whitening makeover.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! (Ok, I really have just always wanted to say that in all caps!) But it isn’t all. The five submissions with the most votes will be eligible for the grand prize. The top three entries within 100 miles of Troy, MI; Philadelphia, PA; Aventura, FL; Austin, TX; and Beverly Hills, CA, will be judged for the five regional prizes.

But you need to hurry! The contest ends February 24, 2012. So get your smile on!

For more information, including rules and other official stuff, check out Who Makes You Smile?

*Please note, I’m not compensated for this post in any way.

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