Apparently, I judge people

Posted on May 15th, 2012

Not really Bridezilla and me, but have you ever tried to find a photo that depicts siblings arguing? Difficult at best. Photo copyright imagerymajestic

I have a very special relationship with my sister, Bridezilla. We’re actually very lucky we have this closeness – mainly because when we were teenagers we tried very hard to kill each other. And we came thisclose to succeeding in that goal many times. In fact, our, er, “loving” relationship was the reason that my parents banned us from having baseball bats in the house.

Anyway, the truth is, I can always count on Bridezilla to call me out when I am being stupid. Or acting like an idiot. This is because Bridezilla obviously didn’t get the memo I wrote when I was 12, which clearly stated that I was to be right at all times about all things.

Oh, fine. I wrote that memo when I was 30.

My sense of right aside, last night I was upset about something I thought a friend had done to me. Well, not really something she had done, really something she didn’t do. Anyway, it’s not important because as of this morning, it turned out to be something that only happened in my head and my friend and I are fine. I am kind of ticked off at my head for making a big deal of nothing, but that’s another blog.

But last night when I thought something had happened between my friend and myself, I called Bridezilla because my feelings were all hurt and I told her about it. And she said, “Maybe she thought you’d judge her.”

Well, I’m telling you, I was totally appalled. I do not judge. I am not a judger. And I told Bridezilla that. And do you know what she said? She said, “Yeah, you are.” And then I said, “No, I’m not. I don’t say anything if I don’t agree.”

And then Bridezilla was silent.

And that’s when I knew she was totally calling me on my shit. Because when I don’t agree with what someone is doing, I don’t say a word. I always justify it because I’m usually trying to find some words to say that don’t sound judgmental, but the truth is, I am judging.

And that is why everyone should have a Bridezilla in their life. Because she is the one person who does not allow me to get away with anything. Even if it is my silence. Which I am totally going to change. As soon as I figure out how not to be all judgey and silent and whatnot.

Of course, that’s another blog.

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